>> Introduction
   Warm support and cooperation both at home and abroad have made Korea PTG Co., Ltd. a successful company in the global market. We are sincerely grateful to all our clients and friends.

   Since our inauguration in 1989, Korea PTG Co., Ltd. has remained a leader in the field of C4 stream technology. With the application of in-depth technology within key industries and in conjunction with ABB Lummus Crest of the USA and Alusuisse of Italy, the ALMA process plant was created to produce highly purified Maleic Anhydride, having a capacity of 25,000 MTA. Additionally, in conjunction with Davy (Currently Davy Process Technology Ltd.) of the U.K., a plant was constructed with a capacity to produce 1.4-Butanediol and Tetrahydrofuran with an output of 28,000 MTA and 30,000 MTA respectively.

   We have developed new technologies and implemented streamlined processes in manufacturing Polytetramethylene-ether-glycol (PTMEG), Our efforts have brought about a commercial plant with a capacity to produce 30,000 MTA PTMEG of the highest quality. This has engendered both domestic alternatives and new opportunities abroad.

   Our accomplishments in developing this new PTMEG process was recognized by the Korean Ministry of Science with the "Jang Yung Sil Prize" awarded for outstanding achievement. The Korean Government granted a further honor by awarding the Certificate of Korean New Technology, also known as the "KT Mark", for excellence in technology. The company now holds a patent on the new PTMEG process in Korea, Japan, Europe and the U.S.A

   We appreciate the opportunity to be your consistent supplier and a reliable partner, and thank you for supporting our endeavors in opening a new era for spandex, polyurethane and the engineering plastic industry.


Very Sincerely Yours,

Kee Joon Kim
Chairman & CEO