>> 1,4 BUTANEDIOL (1,4 BDO)
◎ Process : Davy Mckee (KPT)
◎ 1,4-Butanediol(also known as its less popular
    chemical synonyms:1,4-butylene glycol, 1,4-
    tetramethylene glycol and 1,4-dihydroxybutane
    ) is a low-viscosity glycol used almost
    exclusively as an intermediate to synthesize
    other chemicals and polymers.
      The butanediol molecule maintains its
    original chemical identity only when used as
    as a solvent.
      Since butanediol can undergo the typical
    reactions of a primary alcohol, it lends
    itself to a very large number of chemical
      As it is a difunctional molecule, most of its
    use is in the area of polymers, such as
    polyurethanes(prepolymers, cast elastomers,
    thermoplastic elastomers, reaction injection
    molding, and fibers such as spandex),
    polybutylene terephthalate(PBT), a large
    family of homopolymers and copolymers of N-
    vinyl-2-pyrrolidone, and copolyester-ether
    thermoplastic elastomer(COPE).
◎ Production Capacity : 28,000 MTA
◈ Product Physical Properties

◈ Product Specifications

◈ Uses
· Polybutylene Terephthalate(PBT)
  - Automotive
  - Electrical/Electronics
  - Water system
  - Others
· Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
· Castable Polyurethanes
· Reaction Injection Molding
· Tetrahydrofuran
· N-Methly-2-Pyrrolidone(NMP)
· Gamma-Butyrolactone(GBL)
· N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone(NVP)