◎ Process : Davy Mckee (KPT)
◎ THF is a cycloaliphatic ether with excellent
    solvent power for a wide variety of synthetic
    and natural resins. Also, the ether oxygen
    atom in the molecule is sterically unhindered,
    which favors the formation of complex
    compounds (with various metals and salts) and
    the formation of cation solutions.
      THF is used in its own right as a solvent and
    chemically as a precursor of an oligomeric
    polyether, polytetramethylene ether glycol
    (PTMEG), which is used also for Spandex fiber.
      The solvent applications for THF fall into
    resin and reaction solvents.
◎ Production Capacity : 30,000 MTA
◈ Product Physical Properties

◈ Product Specifications

◈ Uses
· Resin Solvent
  - PVC and Chlorinated PVC(CPVC) pipe cements
  - Coatings for magnetic tapes
  - PVC top coatings
  - Polymerization reactor cleaning
  - PVC film casting
  - Cellophane coatings
  - Printing inks for plastics
  - Thermoplastic coplyurethane coatings
· Reaction Solvents
  - Grignard reagents
  - Alkali metals, alkyl-and arylalkali metal compounds
  - Alkali metals aluminum hydrides and boron hydrides
  - Steroids
· Polytetramenthylene ether glycol (PTMEG)